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Surface pro 2 and Dell UP2414Q 4k monitor

I just had to chuckle at the thought of gaing 4 on the SP2. . . my SP2 pushes Diablo 3 reasonably well enough @ 1600 x 900, but I wanna see the guy trying to run games @ 4k on the SP2 :D

Best I can tell ya is that it handles video and everything just fine on the Dell 21:9 @ 2560 x 1080.
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The 4K or UHD TV's < supposedly > do a decent job of upconverting standard HD video.

That is one of the things I want to see when the 2nd generation comes out.
That, and I'm hoping they will handle the AC wireless format. 1st generations did not.

But, if they do indeed upconvert well, I will probably go ahead and get a 55" to replace our 2004 Mitsubishi projection HD tv. It still runs fine, but I got the yen :)

I saw someone say that in Canada they cost much more. Hard to image they would be that much more expensive. They can be had here for $3500 for a 55" just about anywhere.

I'm just wondering how long until there is enough content out in the marketplace to justify actually having a 4k TV. Currently all I know is Netflix has started presenting one show in 4k. Perhaps its better to wait until the fourth of fifth generation TV models before getting one. As far as I'm concerned, until there is a variety of programming available all your doing is watching lesser quality content and burning more power to do so.
4k TV's in Canada are pretty pricey. I looked at them out of curiosity but was not expecting the prices to be what they were. Cheapest I've seen (may have come down in recent months) are for about $6000. Whereas the most expensive is the Samsung 85" for... <gasp> $40,000.
4K TV's are overpriced. Granted the large sizes increase cost (shipping due to the larger size, more difficult to ship without breaking, storage space, warehouse space, and store space, all costs money), but it's mostly markup.

TV companies are wishing to live again the days of 1080p TV's, where people where willing to pay a premium price over getting the big fat CRT TV's, not to mention 1080p.

Of course, that is nothing more than my current view on the mater, and not facts.