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dGPU issues


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Count me as another one with display issues, but mine don't seem to match everyone else's.

Mine seems to be with the dGPU:
Rebooting my book takes over a minute and when it finally is running the device manager shows an error Code 43 with the dGPU.
Undocking the keyboard works fine, but redocking takes about a minute as well and during that time the book is locked up or shows a ton of lag with the mouse (sometimes it just freezes and requires a hard reboot).

If I disable the dGPU it will work great until I reboot or disconnect/reconnect the keyboard when it goes through the freeze up again--presumably because its trying to get the dGPU reconnected (even if it was disabled in device manager).

I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling the NVIDIA drivers (at least the ones on the book) but that hasn't made a difference. My book is up to date with the 11/2 update.



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Yup after spending 4.5 hours in a Microsoft store the consensus was to replace the unit. Fortunately for me the store had exactly one i7/16GB/512GB unit in stock.