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Surface book not detecting dGPU


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Hello all!

I encountered an issue last night on my wife's surface book. She was playing a game (Overwatch) when she encountered a blue screen which forced the computer to restart. After the restart the computer no longer detects the gpu in the keyboard. I've tried re attaching the keyboard multiple times, restarted several times and even reset to an earlier save state. The nvidia gpu does not show up in the device manager and scanning for hardware changes did not help. Is there anything I need to try that might help or is the gpu toast? I also ran a Microsoft diagnostic tool for the surface on the dGpu but for some reason it wasn't detecting the key board even though it was functioning.

Any suggestions? Thank you in advance for your time.


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I assume you did a system cold boot, right? Hold down the shift key and click Shut Down and it does a cold boot.


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I would definitely try to reset it by pressing both the volume up button and the power button simultaneously and holding them for about 30 seconds to let the computer reset all of the peripherals. During the process, it should boot into the UEFI screen and eventually will shut itself off completely. Then you'll be ready to try it one more time.


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Every Surface Book sold is still under the 1 year factory warranty so I would take to a MS store or if not a store close then Chat with support on the MS page.