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dGPU error


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I have a SB i5 with the dGPU. everything seemed to be working well until I checked the device manager and noticed that the nVidia GPU was error disabled (code 43). I have worked on it for several hours uninstalled, reinstalling drivers, installing updated modded drivers, uninstalled and reinstalling through windows update ETC. every time I get the same result.

I am at the point of trying contacting Microsoft for a replacement, but I thought I would ask here if anyone has had a similar issue and if it was solved.


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I had an issue with the pen not connecting although it said connected under the Bluetooth setting. I kept removing and add the device under bluetooth until it finnally came back and said there was a driver error. I went into the device manager and said disable device and then search for new hardware. It came up and said installing new hardware. I rebooted and haven't had any problem since (about a month) with the pen.