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Does anybody have a solution for the n-trig jitter when drawing slowly? i just dropped almost 4K on the Surface Book and was expecting it to work FLAWLESSLY. When i was testing it at the NYC MS store i didn't notice...but once i got home and started to try doing some real drawing work it REALLY became obvious that this is a serious issue, and after looking all over the internet, I'm starting to think that in fact n-trig is just a defective technology.

For any of you not familiar with the problem, try drawing a line at an angle (not vertical or horizontal) very slowly. As you move the pen, the cursor / brush tip will shift around under the pen, producing a wavy line. If you are not sure if it's just the steadiness of your hand you can use a ruler. The best way to describe it would be to compare it to the brush "jitter" effect that you can set for brushes in Photoshop. Except, in this case it is a VERY UNWANTED jitter. I just want to draw nice clean lines at any angle, WITHOUT JITTER.

Technical people: please don't waste our time explaining the different technologies. I just want to draw a STRAIGHT LINE. Otherwise I like the Book, but this defect is just too much. Unless this is addressed I cannot recommend this product to anyone, and in fact I'll be telling all of my students not to bother with this until it's fixed.

When will it be fixed?

Below is an example.

The cursor and line "worms" around under the pen tip...and seems to oscillate in a regular jittery pattern.

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