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Digital Pen - Excel


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Hi All,

Is it possible to use the Digital pen to 'handwrite' directly into MS Excel on the Surface Pro 2??

I the SP2 has handwriting recognition, but I can't see anywhere or how you could use it directly with Excel.

To give a background on what I'm trying to acheive is as follows;

We use a relativity basic excel template (lets say around 10 columns 30 rows) which we would like to use the digital pen (handwriting recognition) to fill out the spreadsheet instead of using the keyboard.

Is this possible??

Thanks very much in advance for any help/suggestion(s)



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I just opened Excel, and by using the Surface Pen, it did not register any writing I did upon the cells.

However, what you can do is bring up the Touch Keyboard, which has a handwriting section, and use this to fill in data into a particular cell. I'm not sure how easy it would be to tab to the next column, though.
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Just ran a quick test then.

I wrote some basic yes, no, red, green words in cells (had to zoom in quite a bit) using the pen. Note: ribbon only visible when using pen.

I could then right click it (it's 1 object) and copy ink as text.
Then pasted to first cell and it seemed to work well, but multiple columns seem to confuse it.

It's a starting point anyway.

Let us know if you figure it all out, could be very useful

Good idea ohioDroid, that's a good solution
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