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Direct Stylus Drivers/Support


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Since the Surface 2 is ran by the Tegra 4 which supports Direct Stylus technology is Microsoft going to implement this technology?

Basically it allows palm detection, pressure sensitivity, using the opposite end of the stylus for erasing.

There are a few videos of the Tegra Note which is ran by the same chip showing the stylus in action.

Seems like this would help sell these tablets. I had a Surface 2 on pre-order until I found out this technology would not be enabled.
Surface team said on redditt this is something that could be possible down the road. Like through an update.

I think that would be tremendous value. If you want to drive people to this platform, keep giving them nuggets to do so.

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Well, I don't know about a dedicated stylus, but I have one of those cheap capacitative touch screen pens (one of those with the rounded rubbery end) and it works quite well as a stylus on my Surface 2 as long as I don't press too hard - its quite easy to white on the screen with it. I might actually look for a cheap stylus which looks more like a pen (i.e. with a pointed end) although I suspect that I can type faster than can write