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Direct X12


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Has anyone seen or compared direct x 11 vs 12 on the Surface 3? Is there any gain to be had in rendering quality. As far as I understand the S3 Atom X7 supports directx12 as its native in Windows 10. What does this do for the GPU bench mark for S3 as well; almost all bench marks have used the DX9 engine for viewing comparisons on video rendering vs other systems such running ARM processors. But I've yet to see a full 64bit x11 vs x12 comparison for the S3.

Also how does x12 on the surface 3 stack up to ARM and NVidia games? I know gaming in this system is kinda ehhh besides store games but I use an AC router streaming from my Xbox 1 and the rendering/quality is more then playable (yes I know the x1 does most of the work)....



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AFAK To see it one needs an application that is written to use it, right now that's barely more prevalent than hens teeth.