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disable Intel Graphics Adaptive Contrast Enhancement


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How do I disable the Intel 4400 Graphics Adaptive Contrast Enhancement on my Surface pro 3?

Usually a laptop or computer comes with Intel Graphics Control software that allows changes to the graphics settings. This software comes with the driver installation. However, Surface Pro 3 doesn't have this software.


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I'm curious what would happen if you went to the Intel site and installed their driver. I can't remember if this has been discussed elsewhere.


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I tried installing the hd4400 driver from Intel.com. Surface has popup error blocking the install with message to contact the manufacturer.
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Search for user Goodbytes "Surface Tweak Tool" - it's the option that I went with due to simplicity. Or you may want to PM him to see which registry or driver setting he is directly changing with his tool. I was searching to do the same thing and the other options were downloading the latest driver from Intel and disabling Windows auto-updates because it will just overwrite the driver (not sure why it would not install for you but I did not go with that method) or there was a registry edit I believe also but I did not keep the link.

Goodbyte's tool worked for me but you have to be willing to trust a 3rd party...up to you. I did this so I could get a proper color calibration and it worked...before making the change with his tool I was getting bad calibration results.