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Disable windows capacitive button?


Is there a way to disable the central windows button? I have been reading a lot on the surface using the kindle app and I accidentally touch the central button when reading in portrait mode.


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Not that I know of. As a prior iPad owner I found myself doing the same thing. Now I've learned to hold it from the sides.


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I'm sure there is a way, this is windows after all :) Nothing easy in settings though so you probably have to do it through reg edit.


awesome! :) thanks guys! Hope our community continues to grow with people like you!
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Hi, if anyone still needs to do this without disabling all other inputs (no downsides) you can use device manager to disable the button... Please do this at you own risk and make sure you have a keyboard and mouse... if you disable the wrong device your touch screen and all inputs will be disabled!!

So on my Surface RT (other products might have a different configuration) find and disable the HID-Compliant consumer control device with the following hardware ID: HID\VEN_MSHW&DEV_0004&SUBSYS_MSAY0003&REV_207669A&Col03 (see the picture)
HID v2.png

If you are not using a Surface RT you can experiment by disabling and testing each of the HID-Compliant consumer control device one at a time. I hope this helps!