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weird beeping sound pressing keys??


Anyone experiencing this?

On occasion they keyboard has been making occasional beeping sound... almost like an R2D2 sound with sound like "peeew" (really don't know how to describe it in words)

I did get a meesage a while ago whete it asked me if I wanted to turn on a feature that disables repeated keypresses??? really cant remember in detail what it said... sorry.

Hope someone could help... i'll see if I can record it sometime and post it here..
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Beeping not so much but clicking is supposed to happen. It is audio feedback to aid in touch typing.


yes the clicking sound is normal, but this one is a beep.. really don't see a pattern what app I use it in but I do get it in Internet explorer a lot.
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almost sounds like an accessibility thing. is it maybe toggle key or something like that? there are settings where you can set the machine to beep when you press keys such as the caps lock. that makes a beep but I wouldn't call it an R2-D2 sound. :)


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I'm having this exact same issue! It's very strange. Usually happens when I press the windows button on the screen. It's starting to really annoy me!