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IE 11 metro problem when changing tab


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I have recently bought my surface pro 3, and IE11 metro is the worst point for me.
For example, when I open a tab and start a download, if I change to another tab while I am waiting for the download to finish, or if I change to another aplication, the download stops. It's the same when I am listening to a song on youtube, if I change to another tab the video stops buffering.

I hope IE11 metro to be upgraded soon, is the only browser available on surface (chrome and firefox don't work properly and desktop version is not adapted to tactile use) and it is far from being a good aplication (tabs can not be ordered as I want, if I close and open the aplication the new session opens tabs from de previous session randomly....)
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Hmm, downloads and YouTube work fine for me even when browsing other tabs. I wonder if it's a setting somewhere, although the only thing I changed on mine was the default search engine.


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yea, same for me... I can open multiple tabs and still listen to youtube with no problems... must be some setting or something