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Disk Space after windows 10 update


I know that deleting the old build that still resides in my local drive on my SP3 will give me more breathing room...

Is it possible to move those files pretaining to the old build to my SD card and still have access to it if I want to roll back to windows 8 just in case?

I am having some problems with my surface (realy some minor ones) that I think would be solved with a larger drive space. I currently just have 13GB free on my 128gb SP3. The main problem I have is that I cannot sync all of my one drive files because I need more local space.



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I would use Disk Cleaner to delete that Windows.old folder and go all in with Windows 10. In addition, some people move OneDrive to the SD card.


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Does that require anything special (moving OneDrive to an SD card) or do you just copy and paste?

To move OneDrive files to a different location:
1) Unlink OneDrive. (Find the Notification Area OneDrive icon, right-click, Settings, Account Tab, Unlink)
2) Exit OneDrive. Verify it is stopped (Find the Notification Area OneDrive icon, right-click, Exit)
3) Copy and paste your OneDrive folder to the destination.
4) Reboot. Start OneDrive (Search, OneDrive). Direct OneDrive to the new location.

OneDrive can take hours to verify that all of your files match the Cloud. It is best to keep a stable and fast Internet connection during the process, because the verification begins again from the start if your connection is broken. You are finished when OneDrive reports "Up to date." in the notification area.

Only after "Up to date" should you delete the original files. Be sure to clear the recycle bin.