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[Solved] Low disk space...still.


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So I have a 32gb Surface 2 and think its fantastic but I do have one major issue which is crippling its use. The disk space is constantly low.

  • Ive installed a a handful of apps.
    Disabled One Drive Syncing
    Done a disk cleaned and defragment
    My personal files only approx. 100mb
    Emptied recycle bin

The Surface has 245mb spare space. I know Windows RT uses several GB and when I first bought it, the surface had several GB spare but I don't know where all the space is going. Ive got a hunch its either the shop caching or deleted apps are still using space but I cant find any information about it on the net.

Help would be appreciated



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I posted this in another thread.

This helped me. I just have to stay away from some big games that have high app sizes.

Do you have Onedrive optioned to make files available offline on your Surface?

If so, this could be using a lot of storage on the device. I have mine set to only available online only.

Also, check to see if you have a Windows.old folder hogging up space. Windows creates this when you do a refresh. You can delete it if you don't need it.

I have 8.97gb available of 25.3. Of that, I only have 4.71gb in apps.

So, I would've had almost 14gb to begin with after all the 8.1 updates. If I wanted, I could delete the recovery and gain 7 back for a total of 16gb, but I don't need it.


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Thanks for everyone's help and ive fixed it. I disabled OneDrives sync settings in OneDrive app, but I had to do it in the desktop view and right click on onedrive drive and disable the syncing thing from there. Doing it from the app didn't work.