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8.1 and HD 4000 driver


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I injected the version of the Intel drivers you suggested, the HD control panel is working now. I used the latest Intel drivers, and they don't work.

I just see that 3DMark2011 crashes when starting the program. :(


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Can these drivers be added after installing 8.1? Or do they need to be injected into the installer?

Maybe you can try? You must use version of the Intel drivers, the newer ones( will give an error on the HD Control panel. I think it will be better to uninstall the actual graphics driver first before installing the
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Tried it, and the control panel now works. I had tried the 3165 version previously, which did not work.


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It is pity that 3165 is not working with the HD control panel, because this version give a graphic performance boost of 15% (tested with 3DMark11)


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No, I created a custom install of 8.1 and it's flawless. All of the connection and power management issues are gone for me.
Edit: I just read your thread about the display issue, I didn't understand you completely here, the issue IS there on mine also.

thanks for the update on the current tile issue.