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Display driver crashing: 2nd M3 hardware


This is sad. This is my second m3. Still getting constant display driver crashes with edge (most) and Ie.

100% reproducible

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Display driver crashes

Other forums are blaming Intel, skylake, m3, (but i5 people see it too)

I saw nothing about this in reviews

Microsoft tech support (quite good) said known hardware issue. They are "working on it"

How does this pass QA?

Such good will Microsoft earned from sp3, Xbox line, now this?

So has anyone else seen this or this an m3 only Intel driver issue?


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Not one display driver crash here, or on several other SP4s know about myself. I personally think Edge is at fault. If you decide not to use it, also turn off its background task. Even if you turn off the Edge background task it will still open if you wish.


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yep have seen it on an m3 and there are threads in the Surface Book forum getting the Display Driver crash also.


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I know 2 people locally who I suggested get SP4s. I set them both up. It was after the first one I set up that I decided to buy my own. Mine i5/4/128, theirs i5/8/256. None are having driver crashes and I hate to repeat myself but none are using Edge. I can't absolutely say that's where the problem is but there must be some correlation. I also think a patch will fix it but maybe not a graphics driver patch. I'm gong to the MS store to pick up yet another SP4 tomorrow.

The driver crash most be a software conflict or I would be seeing it too. If you look at the number of people saying they see color changes it was either in Edge or after they had used it and that's the precursor for a problem.


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I have two SP4: M3, and i5 8GB, the two of them experience the exact same issue. Every time I try using the Autodesk 123D, they both crashed. And I also get some display driver msg when Edge freeze for a few seconds.

They are both with all updates installed.

Overall, I love the product, I jut think it sucks to wait for these issues to get fixed.

Lets keep on waiting.



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has anyone heard anything from Microsoft on when we could have this issue fixed?
I forwarded a reproducible test case and there's the above Autodesk issue which sounds reproducible... maybe they are not representative of all the causes but it's a big step in the right direction. Not knowing their process I couldn't hazard a guess as to find, fix and release though.

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