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Intel Display Driver Still Crashing


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I have been trying to figure out why Office apps such as Excel, PPT, etc. randomly crash on me. The crash is simple, the interfaces stop responding to or displaying any changes in cells, fields, etc. I can still click, save and close... but visually it is non-responsive. After an increase in frequency over the past few days that coincided shortly after with a "Intel Display Driver Crashed" warning I think that these issues are caused by the driver...

I thought this was fixed in December update? The Intel driver / adapter crashes for me 1-2x a day.


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First thing to attempt: Go into device manager, uninstall the intel display adapter, and restart. It will reinstall the driver on restart.
Next step [or first if you're like me and want the most up to date drivers]: download the intel driver update utility. Allow it to update your drivers to the latest [I want to say MS is at least one revision behind]
I saw a post from windows central or windows beta mentioning new beta drivers. Hope they fix any standing issues left after the last driver update


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I installed the latest (manually as the installer won't work). Windows 10 immediately ran the 1/27/2016 system update again and rolled the driver back to the 11/20/2015 version.


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Beta drivers are working fine, but haven't fixed all the issues of Connected Standby while docked....