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Display issue in surface pro! Hardware or software?


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I purchased a microsoft surface pro tablet to be a run a piece of point of sale software and the software lauches fine. The program has picture overlays when there is a picture associated with the software and only and i stress this only the surface pro tablet has it had an issue displaying the picture. The picture is not aligned with the software it is almost off the screen to the right.

The tablet is in landscape format only
1080 resolution
the software is a command line software running in 32bit but with a picture overlay.

Any thoughts to why the picture is not aligning with the software but every laptop, desktop that i have run it on has never had an issue.
A wild guess but maybe its the 150% default scaling. Go into control panel. Then appearance. Then make items bigger/smaller. Then try out the 125% and the 100%. Small, medium, large. That default scaling to make items on desktop more touch friendly could be interfering. If none of those work, try compatibility mode.