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New Surface, yellowish display


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I got my Surface replaced because my old one had a yellow line on the left side of the display.

Now I placed both Surfaces next to each other and realized something odd (look at the picture)

Why is the display of my new Surface so yellow? Both of them are running on default settings.


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All the stuff on google are results for the line on the left side of the screen. But I said that my NEW surface is, overall, much more yellow than my old one.


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It's hard to tell how "bad" it is from the pics. I'd say, if it doesn't obviously come off to you as a yellow cast, and you really only noticed it when it was beside the other device, then it's probably just minor differences in displays being made by different manufacturers?


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You're a bit of an arse aren't you. Why not just answer the guy's question properly if you know, or ignore it if you don't?

For the OP, i have had to send two sp3's back for different reasons. It is an expensive machine and I wouldn't keep it. I would demand you get it sent by advanced exchange (which means you don't have to go any time without it). The first of mine, USB port didn't work. Second time there was bits of thread under my screen? Which is weird.


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I would phone their surface help team and ask the question.

I returned my surface for the yellow line on the left.

Interestingly late one day I was outside with my iPad Air 2 and noticed the colour of the background usually white had gone creamy brown. It was the iPad adjusting to the lighting.

In your case it may be a fault in the auto brightness settings.

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