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Surface Pro pen and OneNote issues


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Hi there! I recently purchased a Surface Pro and with heavy use I have been noticing some problems (especially with note taking). Firstly, when I would take notes in PP, my pen marks would sometimes all "stack" on top of writing from other slides. Basically it was like seeing everything you wrote on the entire PP on every other slide (all of the even numbered ones). Took it to the Microsoft Store and the issue seemed to resolve after a software update, but the tech recommended I switch to OneNote because for some unknown reason, PP was now not utilizing the surface pen software (meaning that there was no difference between using the surface pen and drawing with my finger). Since my writing then looked like crap, I took his advice and started using OneNote for note taking.

Here arises my second problem - on my i5 Surface Pro, OneNote commonly lags. I was thinking this might be because I have imported many PP slides into OneNote (about 60 slides X 13 PPs), but am not certain. For example, OneNote commonly freezes when importing slides (understandable) but sometimes freezes when simply taking notes. These issues I can deal with, but the more glaring problem arises when I am scrolling through slides. Fairly often, I will be scrolling through when suddenly, all of my slides following the current slide will disappear (become invisible), with only the pen marks remaining. It almost seems as if OneNote is having trouble loading the images/text, and I can sometimes fix the invisible slides by switching to a different OneNote tab and then switching back.

Any thoughts?