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Displaying to HDMI?


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Please let us know if it works on other screens, because as I posted elsewhere on this forum... I got it working fine with one Samsung screen, but can't get it working on a different Samsung screen, very strange.


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After some tinkering with both TV picture and tablet resolution, I was able to get the cable to work! Had to lower resolution to 1380x768 in order for the picture to be clear on the TV. I am not sure why it decided to start working after I moved the television to another room. I have yet to try the cable on any other TV or monitor, but will post when that happens. The TVs in my home are of the brand Sceptre.

Now I'm wishing I had a cable longer than 6 feet!

I bought this one from amazon and it came in yesterday. Works perfectly right out the box

Amazon.com: moshi MiniDisplay Port to HDMI Adapter with Audio: Electronics

I noticed it defaulted to that resolution you posted. My t.v. is a LG 42-43 in. Lcd 720P flatscreen. That picture mirrored looked very crisp. When imtried other resolutions they didn't look right. I tried the 1280*720(or 800) and it didn't look right. I tried 1920*1080p and it looked blown up. Parts of screen was missing. That defaulted resolution gave me a perfect mirror or surface. Amazed how great and crisp everything looked on my t.v. even text on browser looked crisp. The mirror mode and 2nd screen(with surface screen off worked perfectly). I've noticed if you use it to display to t.v., with surface screen off, it fits more on the t.v. screen. Like it adjusts itself. I noticed on the metro UI that it fit more tiles on the t.v. at once versus the mode when mirroring surface display. Plus touchscreen still works to scroll or whatever although screen is off.

All my apps looked amazing. Whether metro or desktop. I tested all my streaming apps and games. Picture and sound was amazing. Alto better than android mirroring capabilities. I've downloaded some pretty great looking ps3 or better looking games. It mirrors Perfectly to t.v. no lag or anything at all. Tonight I'll be playing with it somemore. Can't wait till I buy an Xbox controller this weekend so I won't be tied to keyboard. Hydro thunder looks amazing on bigscreen. No loss in quality or lag at all. That adapter piece I got for displayport to hdmi works perfectly so far. Highly recommend it.


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Guys help me out here. Does the Pro Have a different video output port than the RT ?

I believe it does. I think the rt has a micro hdmi port. the surface pro has a display port. the one like apple uses. so you have to either get a display port to hdmi adapter, like I have and mentioned few posts back. or use the usb 3.0 port to get video.

I saw a video where a guy had 4 different monitors being controlled all at once with one surface pro. all different things going on each screen. even had 4 different video streams going. but he used this new docking station tower that has 3 3.0 usb ports, 4 2.0 usb ports, a dvi port, and a bunch of other stuff I cant remember.



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