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New here, anyways looking for a fast expandable micro sd card


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So I just bought my surface and board for a good $370. Now I am looking on optimizing it with a fast micro sd card and other accessories. I am wondering if this micro sd would be better than most or others. Samsung SanDisk microSDHC 32 GB Class 10 13MB s MicroSD Card MB Msbgaus 036725604650 | eBay

Here is the other micro sd I am looking at 32GB Micro SD SDHC Memory Card Adapter Case RH Data | eBay

Also wondering if this would look tacky or if anyone can give a personal feedback on this skin. Wood Print Decal Sticker Skin Cover for Microsoft Surface RT 32GB 64GB Accessory | eBay


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This is what I use-



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Not yet in commercial availability, otherwise I would have got one. If you find one, kindy post it.

Lol yeah was looking for one...Going to get the "SanDisk SDSDQU-064G-U46A 64GB microSDXC Ultra Class 10 Card"

Still I feel like I won't use all this data, especially with the limited apps...unless that's starting to change. I'm just going to see if I could put itunes and all my songs on it, until at least I find a nice android or windows phone when my upgrade comes in may. Also I'm in college so I am pumped to use excel, powerpoint and word on it.!:) :)


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Not sure why you would need to unless you absolutely have to have 128GB SD cards right now. Micro SD will eventually get to 128GB and you can always swap out 2 64GB micro SD cards for the same amount of space or use a USB option if larger storage is absolutely essential. That is to say there are plenty of currently available options unless this best fits your needs in which case tape away ;)