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Surface RT Adapter?


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Hey folks,

Looking for an HDMI adapter for my RT, so I can hook it up to displays. M$ of course is a rip off selling an adapter for $40, so to Ebay I went. I found this, and it looks to be exactly what I need - but, you know how things are when they come cheap and/or from China. What do you guys think, nice price or crack pipe?

Or, do you think it would be better/more convenient to purchase just the ADAPTER which is a female port, and allows for any regular HDMI cable to connect...instead of having a cable that is DisplayPort to HDMI

25ft Micro HDMI to HDMI Converter Adapter Cable Kable for Microsoft Surface RT | eBay


Also, is it possible to run multi-screen? What I mean by that is this:

Could I set up my RT to display something (like Netflix) out to a hooked up HDMI display, and continue using my Surface for other things on the device itself?

This will determine whether I get a 10 or 25 ft cable. Because if I cannot do this, then there's no need for a 25 ft. cable so you can hold your Surface in your hand, away from the display you're using.
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I have the official VGA adapter and that works great but I also bought a cheap micro HDMI to HDMI lead from amazon for about 2 quid. That works great on any 1080p device. Used it for video out on holiday last week to watch movies on toe guesthouse TV.


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When you are connected out to an HDMI display, do the keyboard covers still work?

I ask because if you cannot use your Surface while it's connected to HDMI (as in the Surface display goes black and is displayed on the monitor) then there's no need to have a long cable. I'd just get a 6 footer. BUT if I can use the Surface while it's outputting, or type on it with the keyboard, I would want a longer cable so that I can sit at further distances.