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Do 8GB RAM SP 2 models run cooler and is the USB 3 port well positioned?


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1. In a previous thread a forum member wrote that his 4GB RAM / 128GB storage version of the Surface Pro heats up worryingly even when running programs such as MS Office. He suggested that one should go for the 8GB RAM models of the SP2 if you don't want a disturbing heat build-up on running resource-hungry programs such as heavy-duty games. The same forum member asked whether the new CPU in the SP2 runs cooler.

What should one expect in terms of heat build-up from the SP2? Also: is there really a difference between the heat generated by the 4GB and 8GB RAM versions of the SP2 when running resource-hungry programs such as big games?

2. I think (or hope) that a USB 3 port has a firmer grip (and a longer grip-lifetime) than a USB 2 port. If you use a USB 2 port with a USB plug and plug-cable hanging from it regularly, it will lose its original firm grip sooner rather than later and the USB connection will deteriorate. This is particularly true of a laptop with USB ports on the side rather than at the back. The movements of one's hands and arms while typing tend to push and pull on the USB plug cable dangling from the side of the computer. For my Lenovo Y580 I eventually had to build a small supporting "stand" for the USB plug & cable serving my USB hub, because the connection went from good to bad to worse as time passed. I notice that the single USB 3 port on the SP 2 will have a USB plug & cable hanging from and pulling on it whenever used. Will the original firm grip of the USB 3 port in this position last with regular use? One has only one USB port on the SP2. If the grip should wear out, it's going to be a costly welding job fixing a new USB port to the motherboard, I suspect.


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Since no one has an SP2 yet, I don't see how anyone can give a solid answer. Thing is, some applications have no RAM ceiling; more RAM will increase performance in the sense that a resource-hungry application will still take as much available memory as possible. In that case, I'd still expect a decent heat buildup. The real question I suppose is if it's "uncomfortable" or "dangerous" heat: YMMV.

As for "grip," I don't see why there would be a difference between USB3 and USB2. That's not the differentiating aspect between the gens--it's about bandwidth, the underlying data stream standard, not the port hardware itself.


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I answered first part of this question in that other thread. Regardless of generation, heat will build when using resource intensive stuff taxing the cpu or gpu. But nothing to worry about as speeds will be throttled before it gets too hot. I wouldn't sweat it at all. Even android and apple phones and tablets get hot when taxed heavily and those don't even have built in fans. Plus those arm chips are nothing compared to cpu/gpu power in the pro or pro2.
As for the usb3 port, its a snug fit. The first generation had a very snug fit also. No wiggle room once stuff plugged in really.

Regardless on both questions, devices will come with warranty. So they can be replaced if anything happened on those fronts.

Look for Anandtech review coming soon. He tests those type of detailed things out. He is the most technical of the reviewers I've seen.

Plus the pro 1 is still the number 1 windows tablet according to various computer sites. So its a very solid piece of machinery.


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Thanks for the very helpful replies. The explanation about the heat being controlled so the Surface Pro 2 won't cook itself and its data answers my question about that. I find the Surface Pro 2 as advertised the coolest computer I've seen in my life, for my personal needs. But what are the real limitations of this tiny marvel? Once you know the limitations, and the possible means of overcoming them, you are ready to buy. The new 10 hour battery lifts a very important limitation of the SP 1. The limitation on available storage space on the SP2 can be overcome in various ways, the least expensive being a 1 terabyte miniature external hard drive. It should work without its own power supply if its the only device connected to the USB 3 port. The question comes to mind how the grip of this single USB 3 port will stand up to regular insertion and removal of a USB plug. I stored a picture of the solution I had to improvise for USB 2 port grip wearing out at https://app.box.com/s/h2gsuwwbrg96ni07g82b . A zipped version of the picture can be downloaded at https://app.box.com/s/qro98at5jbdqvfwk7iyi . This picture should explain my worries about that single USB 3 port on the SP2.


Given that the Haswell chips are far more efficient, running workloads of a similar nature should be cooler on the Pro2. I believe some vendors are going fanless with specific haswell chips.


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The use of USB extention cables male to female as you have shown in your picture is a common solution to relieving stress on the USB port. I use these myself, albeit a right angled one at input port. I have not experienced any significant loosening in any of my devices using this solution. YRMV