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Does anyone still get the BSOD occasionally?


Mary Jo Foley of MobleTechReview just released an updated review of the MB:

Now that the SB has updated display drivers she says that she's detached the screen a million times without any issues (5:05) and that if you are getting any more blue screens it's probably a hardware related issue (11:05).

I still get the BSOD occasionally when I detach the screen (like 1 out of 30 times), especially right after startup. Additionally when I do get the BSOD it does not restart automatically and I have to do a hard restart.

With the updated drivers form December, has anyone else ever gotten the BSOD when detaching the screen? If so does it restart automatically or do you have to do a hard restart?
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Though her reviews are usually spot on I totally disagree with the idea that a BSOD is necessarily going to be a hardware problem. At least she said "probably"

Wayne Orwig

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I don't recall a BSOD since the updates in, I think was December.
I'm still reluctant to detach the screen though if I haven't saved my work. :D