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Does this Surface Book really have the 2gb version of GPU?


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Hello. I found a bargain with only 480 bucks for a Surface Book 1 that looks to be in mint condition. Problem is, seller doesnt even know the Surface is made of magnesium and not aluminum. He claims the Surface has the 2gb version of the GPU. When I asked to send me a screenshot of the GPU he said he doesnt know how.

I know the ONLY difference between the Surface normal base and performance base(2gb gpu) is thickness and a new exhaust system for the fans. From the pictures on the website it DOES NOT look like he has the performance base but rather the normal one. IT DOES look like the base has an exhaust but I dont know if tis the Surface Performance model exhaust. Here are a couple of pictures. The first picture shows the exhaust.


EDIT: He says he has the 1703 version of the screen with the 1705 version of the base if that helps.
EDIT 2: Could the normal base somehow have a 2gb gpu in it?
Based on the pictures, what do you think? Could it actually be the performance base?


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Can’t tell for sure from your photos. But looks like a Performance Base.

In the Settings, System, About, you should see “Nvidia 965m” for Performance Base.