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Does the dGPU Surface Book have less battery life?


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I am looking at purchasing a Surface Book but am unsure that I need the dGPU option.

1. I will use the laptop for general computing (email, web surfing), MS Office, accounting software, and some construction take off software (2D). Do I even need a dGPU? I don't think I do, but most reviews praise the dGPU yet I fail to see the need for someone like myself.

2. I can't find a clear answer on this, but does the dGPU model have less battery life than the models without a GPU? Is this due to the dGPU using more power or the base having more actual physical battery capacity due to the extra room?



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My educated guess is that you don't need the dGPU and the dGPU would result in somewhat lower battery life because I would expect the battery is the same I the base with or without dGPU. The logic for that is they would have higher costs and stocking/supply chain management if the batteries were different.
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