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Driver issue initiates fan and sleep issue

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Sorry for the redundancy. As a launch day SB owner, I have been dealing with the intel driver issue stopping and recovering especially when using Edge and sometimes IE.

I noticed something last night that may have slipped by me before. When I get the "driver has stopped responding / auto recovery" message, it immediately kicks on the fan and begins to drain the batteries at a much higher rate.

I was working on a PowerPoint project for a few hours and actually thought wow, my SB is performing great with zero issues and great battery life and then BAM, driver error, fan on and battery drain.....

Can this be fixed with a software update or do I need to exchange my unit?



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You are correct about it being redundant and as a result this thread will be closed, however, I suspect this issue will be corrected with the next MAJOR update which may be as early as this week.
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