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Phantom touches and pen issues


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Well, I've been on the forum board for a month and felt like I needed to contribute. Although, I love the Surface Pro 4 and it's a great upgrade from the Surface Pro 2 it's not without some BIG faults. The recent crashes and issues has been a very frustrating experience for users like us. Case in point, before the update I had a smooth device, albeit a few restarts here and there, but the last update I think crippled the system.

I then noticed when I would tap the screen anywhere, it would register however I noticed 'phantom' touches at the top right. Very annoying because you can't have anything in full screen without it minimizing or closing because of the location of the touches.

Also my pen gave out, I tried taking out the battery but noticed the inside looked like it was scrapped, so maybe the contacts weren't responding? Either case, I took it to the Microsoft Store, however their in-store customer service left me disappointed. For one, they were going to swap out the entire unit for a new one that they brought out from the back but because I bought it at another store (Amazon) I had to go through them. I was very upset because the manager confirmed it is a known issue with the driver and that I had to get it replaced. None the less, I will avoid bringing my device in for anything as it seems they don't seem to care if you have their products not bought from their store. Maybe reasons like this Apple wins in my book for best customer service, if I ever had an issue they took care of it.

Anyway, I called Amazon and they took note of what is going on. They also said to me they are considering taking it off the market if it happens again since they don't want to sell defected units. Amazon is sending me a replacement with one day shipping, coming this Tuesday! So there you have it, another 'satisfied' customer.

On a side note, I did fix the phantom touches by erasing the Intel driver. But really, does one need to go through all this to get the computer to stop bugging? I hope with the new update that it really gets fixed for sure. Not a good launch Microsoft...


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There have been some people who got their SP4s after launch and have not had significant problems. I have had several I configured for customers and one I own. I have yet to have one problem with mine or the other 3 while they were in my office. Not having problems with those 3 is why I bought mine.

Honestly I'm beginning to feel badly for not seeing any driver crashes but I'm sure it has something to do with the apps I'm NOT using.