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Dual boot with two Windows 8.1 installs

Peter Hall

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I need to dual boot Windows 8.1 on my Surface pro 2. Ideally I'd like 2 completely separate windows installs and I can just select which version (home or work) I want to boot when I switch the surface on. I've attempted to shrink the main partition, copy it and then add a boot record without success.

Does anyone have a guide on how to do this?



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Welcome to the forum Peter

I'm not certain it's possible if for no other reason than the amount of internal storage required. As you noted, the first step would be to shrink the current partition and I haven't seen anyone be able to do that yet on a Surface.

You may just want to create a new user for the existing install and when you boot it will ask you which one you wish to use.


i was able to get space off my "c" drive. so far I have not noticed an issue with it, just did it in the default windows disk manager.
what part are you stuck at?


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The trouble with copying the partition to make the second install is everything in there references the C: drive. I once tried to move an installation to another drive it was ridiculous.
You need to actually install to the other partition. search for dual booting W8.1 with W10 ... same process just with two copies of 8.1. I cant imagine this working right with one license either.