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Pffft! DVD's are so 2000... :tongue: genius.jpg
I find it very funny that in the 90's and early 00's we strove for the best picture on the best TV's. We went from CD's to DVD's to Blue Ray for a better picture on our Plasma and DLNA and Advanced LED televisions. Now in the 10's we settle for horrible compression through cable and streamed and downloaded movies and cram the pictures on our gasp IPads and in this case Surface's. I admit, I have downloaded a movie or two and am stunned by the artifacts I would not have accepted on DVD. Amazing how times change.
Is this for watching on the Surface or sending to an external screen? You wouldn't really need HD for the Surface imo as it's pretty small... can always rip blu-rays you know! But obviously you're gonna run outta space pretty quickly.