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Edge on SP3


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So with Windows 10 finally being on my SP3, I thought it would be worth it to dive in and try to use all of Microsoft's apps it offers. I have always been a chrome user but I'm trying Edge out. So far I really like it (though I cannot wait for extension support). One thing that I have noticed though is sometimes Edge uses a lot of RAM, much more than I expected. One thing I always hated with Chrome on my SP3 was the amount of resources it took up. So far Edge has either been about the same or worse. I really like Edge and want to keep using it. SO...my question is, what usage are you guys seeing?
It's BOTH CPU AND RAM HOG! My SP3 fan never stops spinning when EDGE is running in background. I'm forced to run desktop IE 11 just to save battery, CPU and RAM. Also Windows 10's IE desktop on screen keyboard covers the message box where I need to type. Modern IE always move the page up so you can see the message box where you need to type when the on screen keyboard pops up. If it wasn't for CPU and RAM hogging like on the very efficient IE, I would be a happy Windows 10 camper to be honest.