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Edge - Improvements

1) Cannot highlight word on page and search.

Yes, Cortana can do this (I do have her activated). However, not all users use Cortana and those that do need to first bring up the Cortana side bar and then click on what you searched for once more in order for a new tab to come up. We should have the option of either asking Cortana or skipping the side bar and opening a new tab right away.

2) Cannot open a new Edge page (via right clicking on Edge icon and selecting the option to do so).

Just recently I had my edge open a link and then exit the former Edge browser. The new Edge browser (that opened the link) did not have Edge capabilities (meaning there were no tabs, bookmarks, etc). It was a very simplified version of edge (for those who are curious it was the Microsoft support page, which opened up a new tab). I wanted to explore other websites while I was waiting for a customer representative but, as I mentioned before, no new tabs could be created. So, ultimately, I had to open up my Google Chrome in order to do so. For those who don't have other browsers, they would have to exit the Edge window and start over (thus exiting their queue in line).

3) Cannot move tab into another window.

There are times when I have several tabs open and I try to organize them by moving them around (to change up their order). Often times, I move the tab further than I would like thus created a different window (two Edges now open). When I try to move this tab back into the original window, it doesn't let me. In fact, it actually opens ANOTHER window. Now I have the original window, the 2nd window (with now just an empty tab), and the 3rd window with my original tab that I moved.

I actually like Edge and all of the features they have. I could also make a list of the things I enjoy but that is for another time. The above 3 should really be implemented for easier navigation.


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Agree with you on all (although have not experienced the MS support page thing you did.

search is the biggest problem in my mind. It seems like some inane push to try and get us to use Cortana. I do not want to use Cortana, and opening up the sidebar is just silly. What was wrong with just doing things the way EVERY browser did in the past and in the way that EVERYONE was happy with. I do not want Cortana to have anything to do with my system, and as such I can't search anything via highlighting.

Edge is a strange browser in that they've tried to create a revolutionary next gen browser, and in the process they have released it with the features of something from the dark ages. I still wonder what made MS decide on that release date given that it seemed painfully obvious from the state of the TP builds that they would never be able to launch an OS on that date that was genuinely ready. They ight as well just have released it on the 29th with the label "beta" and said that if you actually want a finished OS then give it a download in December. I think a lot of average folk are getting a bit peeved about how unfinished this whole OS is.


4) Cannot open link in InPrivate window

Similar to Chrome's "incognito" browsing, they should implement an this option when you right click a link. Otherwise, you must copy link, then open new tab, then paste link, then press go.


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It seems Edge has been dumbed down beyond even android and ios browsers. Maybe Microsoft need to make a statement saying that edge is a tablet browser, and that if you want any actual control over your browser you use IE or other. That or they need to release the update for it pronto,


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Edge in tablet mode... Tabs across top, then controls and address bar, taskbar at the bottom... right back to 16:9 workspace UGH!
They should not have deleted MetroIE and instead gave consumers choice to choose MetroIE or Edge. You can't beat the immerse webpage experience with MetroIE.


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My 2 biggest problems with Edge is 1. you can't just click-n-drag the icon (favicon) in address bar and drag it to the desktop or a folder. I did that a lot with IE to have the url handy to click on when I want to quickly access a web site frequently over a short time and then delete it (so I didn't want to save it in Favorites, and BTW the new way Edge handles those are terrible).
And 2., and this may be a Windows issue but when you use multiple desktops and have an Edge window on one desktop and you go to open another Edge window on another desktop it jumps back to the first desktop and opens Edge as a new tab. If I want a new tab I'd click the new tab button. When I'm on another desktop and I launch a new edge window from the start menu I want the window to open on that desktop, not jump back to the other. IE does not do this, just Edge and it's very annoying.