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I Love MS Edge But.......


I love Edge and I noticed that Edge consumes slightly less resources than Chrome. However, I also noticed that Edge seems to be quite buggy. I am giving Edge a go for several days eschewing my usual go to browser Chrome. I noticed that many times, the browser freezes everytime I try to load web pages for up to a minute or so. Also when it unfreezes, it continues to stutter for a while, the page jerks forward and backwards as if it is trying to catch up. Also, I feel that there is a memory leak somewhere because Edge seems to get slower and slower through prolonged usage.

I don't know if it is an edge issue or if it is my SP3 throttling the speed of the CPU whenever the fan goes crazy. I noticed in Windows 10, the fan turns on quite frequently for prolonged periods even by doing simple things like web surfing (no web videos). Gosh the way the fan runs and hot air generated, you'd thing that I was doing some heavy duty work on it....but its not; just simple surfing. But this has happened even with Win 8.1 (but the fan goes off after about 15 to 20 minutes. Holding it in portrait mode, the upper half of the tablet (near the windows logo) gets really really burning hot. That is why I hold it portrait mode with the logo on the top because it is less toasty.

MS Edge would be my default browser if MS can fix the following things:
1. The freezing and stutter issues.
2. Proper import (with care and positioning) of bookmarks from chrome
3. Have a sync (like chrome) where my bookmarks (and positioning) are saved. I currently have 3 laptops and a desktop and it is so annoying that I have to redo my icons for each computer manually.
4. Have an option to remove icon names on the favourites bar (like IE *roll eyes*)
5. Using swiping gestures to move back and forth web pages.
6. AD BLOCKERS, AD BLOCKERS, AD BLOCKERS!!! Desperately needed.
7. Allow 3rd party extensions.
8. Continue to tweak it so that it uses even less system resources and memory.

I am using SP3 i7/512GB


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I think we're beginning to see a pattern with Edge. It was supposed to be "so" fast. But it got that way in part because of lack of support for a lot of what is supported in IE and Chrome. The worst thing I have noticed is that it appears to be using some of the performance tricks Chrome uses, (not that it seems to be stopping the stutter) but at the expense of battery and processor usage.


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I think much of Edge's issues are Ad related either Flash or the newer buggier HTML5 Flash equivalent....I did the Host File method on my systems and performance increased as well as battery life....


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I think much of Edge's issues are Ad related either Flash or the newer buggier HTML5 Flash equivalent....I did the Host File method on my systems and performance increased as well as battery life....

I am using a different hosts file to you on my SP3, but I can also confirm this. I largely had no issues with edge other than the lack of response when using keyboard shortcuts for switching tabs etc, however since amending the hosts file, Edge feels incredibly snappy and responsive.

as simple as it is using the .exe file, I think @jnjroach you should make a sticky on the subject until Microsoft sort out something of their own. I'm just a casual user so was not aware of this option before now, just resorting to chrome for "those" sites. Now edge is feeling great :)
I need to be able to occasionally turn off and on adblocking which IE allows me with a push of a button as some websites won't allow to use their features without it being temporarily disabled. Oh well, so are you guys finding that Edge is as efficient as IE now after blocking the ads? IE with TPL is extremely fast, battery saving, and very smooth on my Sp3 and all of my other devices. All I need for Edge is to be as efficient as IE and bring back the MetroIE gestures.


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Absolutely agree with 5 & 6. I've only had one crash so far... the rendering is infinite times better than IE, but it's still not as good as Chrome. However, I think it's a little faster.

At the moment I'm sticking with Chrome as I have it on my work computer too, and it's handy to have my bookmarks all matched up.


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Yup agree 3, 5, and 6.

Here's a few more that should be added.

  • Be able to delete favorites from the Favorites bar instead of having to go to the Hub to edit the links.
  • Bring back the "Save as..." option that appears when you right-click an image or link.


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Just #1, _please_. No web browser is actually usable unless it a) renders the content of the page. Edge has just frozen many times on me while loading, just as others have described, but when it does render (most) of a page, it doesn't give me the ability to scroll or do whatever we typically do to a web browser.

Who cares if a car can go 0-60 in 3 seconds if it stalls out after 3miles?! Microsoft should drop the speed chase and just focus on usability.
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