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Event ID 219 Kernel-PnP


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I have noticed a warning in the event logs with the description 'The driver \Driver\WUDFRd failed to load for the device {085845CB-D5F0-487C-8734-78BCD4BD256C}\SurfaceTouchCover\5&dea6baf&0&01.'

Anyone else have this warning on there Surface RT? Im not experiencing any problems with the Touch cover but I do have the occasional system crash that Im trying to get to the bottom of but that's another story for now!

Thanks Matt
I have the same problem as you have but with another device as I don't have a touch cover. I also noticed two cold reboots, saying Windows has rebooted unexpectedly. All of these happened as surface was in standby mode. I did not have any serious problems with apps though. My only concern is a faulty surface because I leave in Greece and I was so eagerly expecting my surface from US as it is not sold here.