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Excel won't display correctly in full screen


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Hi all

Bit of an issue. I've a rather wide excel sheet, and as such it is rather convenient to have it displayed in full screen on my secondary ultra-wide monitor. If i snap the excel to half of the screen, it is absolutely fine, however every single time i try and make it full screen, I end up with big seconds of the work blanked out with grey or black boxes.

Below is a screenshot of a section where the error is present (it occurs throughout the excel sheet in different areas etc). Where it is grey, this ought to be no different to the area to the left hand side. That is it should be displaying cells and numbers. If i shrink the window or snap it to the side, it once again displays exactly as it should.

I'm on an sp4, running office 2016. Any other info needed, just ask.


edit: also made onenote full screen on the second display, and similar issues arose. The grey and black areas are not static, rather if you scroll around, some will vanish, but others will occur elsewhere.
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This is a common problem with Office, unfortunately. In order to "streamline" Microsoft Office performance, the display is not refreshed often or completely enough.

Two things to try:
1 - Choose a "Maximum Performance" power plan
2 - Use generic drivers, not Intel drivers which seem more appropriate for the specific hardware.


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I just use whatever drivers microsoft wants to install. I don't mess around with settings and firmware and all that lot. From reading this forum, all it does is cause more issues than it solves.

I'll give the performance thing a go, I know that i had a look at it when I made a thread about onenote import speed. The only issue though is that I don't want to be chaging settings every time i use the device. It would be pretty nifty if things like the office suite had a plugged-in/battery settings like the OS has.