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Surface Pro (2, 3, 4) issues with full screen mode in Adobe Acrobat

Johnny Guy

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I have a .pdf file that incorporates multiple javascript-based buttons. This document must be displayed in full screen mode on a Microsoft Surface Pro (users will have a combination of the Pro 2, Pro 3, and Pro 4).

The issue I have is with how Acrobat full screen mode behaves on a Surface Pro:

Whenever a user uses the touchscreen to interact with the .pdf dcoument, then clicking anywhere *outside* of any of the interactive buttons has the effect of exiting full screen mode and bringing up the "restore" view of the .pdf document.

This only occurs with the touchscreen specifically; mouse clicks on the Surface do not have the same effect, and nothing like this whatsoever happens at any point on my actual desktop PC.

I need to disable this behavior, so that clicking on the .pdf outside of any specific button will not exit full screen mode.

This does not seem to be the result of any settings or preferences within Adobe Acrobat itself, but rather the result of how the Surface handles input from different pieces of hardware. For example:

Clicking or double-clicking in the .pdf document (but outside of interactive buttons) will have different effects, depending upon which hardware is being used to click/double-click:​

  • With an attached mouse: Neither clicking nor double-clicking will result in the document leaving full screen mode
  • With the keyboard cover touchpad: Single clicking will not exit full screen mode, but double clicking will
  • With the Surface touchscreen: single clicking/tapping the screen one time will exit full screen mode.

Now that's three different behaviors from the same set of input actions
, depending on which of three types of hardware are being used to click/double-click. Surely there is some way to access and edit the preferences or settings that govern the way that those same actions behave across different hardware, right?
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