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Solved Excessive Fan Running


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My fan has been running on and off over the past couple of days even when I am not doing anything major. I check to see what processes are hogging the resources and one called
"Windows Modules Installer Worked" But anyway this seems to run for 30-45 minutes randomly.

If I disable this can I just do updates manually? Or is there a better solution?


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For the exact same reason I always disable this service + the Windows updates one.

It is not risky, but you will have to start it manually as soon as you want to update or make a disk cleanup.

Give it a try for a few days, and if something goes wrong, enable it and set it to manually.


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I looked around and do not see how to disable it. I went to program and features but it is not listed there. I right clicked on it in task manager and Stop was the only option. I did not see disable.
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