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Potential Fix for SP3 Overheating Issue


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This does seem to relate to some of the issues some people have had with the "installer". My suggestion would be to turn off the automatic updating and check it manually.


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I don't have overheating but I am always on the lookout to improve my PC.

I don't really need automatic updates as I'd rather check them on my own anyway. I went into settings and changed it to 'never check for updates'. Is this the correct way to do it?

Also, what is this updater fix? Do I download it from somewhere?


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Awesome and thanks!

I ran it and it fixed 3 errors.. :)

Screenshot (1).png


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ha! just an FYI, but this fixed my win7 desktop that was having trouble with updates too! my desktop kept having 1 update failing... but all is good now

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