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Exchange Server Performance


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Exchange server performance with MS Outlook

Hi. I have been using my corporate email on my surface 2 and it worked great. I M upgrading to surface 3. Pl advise if my exchange server email will work fine with MS Outlook on S3.


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My friend has a Surface 3 running Outlook 2013 connected to an Exchange server and it works fine, no issues.


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In my experience Surface 3 performs better than Surface 2 across the board. One thing I have noticed recently was an occasionally momentary lag on Surface 2 (figured they were just telling us it was time to upgrade) but the same has happened on Surface 3. D'oh! Must be a Windows glitch. :)


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Thanks everyone. I upgraded to S3 and loving it. No bugs so far with Exchange email. Also I did see some reports of charging issues. I tried charging with my Samsung phone charger... works great. I also like the bigger screen and above all full windows version.....using all my programs that I use on my laptop.

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