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Sync Outlook 2013 to Surface


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As the title states I am looking to sync my work email which I use Outlook for to my surface. My email set up is fairly confusing and as a small business we don’t have an ideal configuration. Basically what we have is a google email and are using a POP3 set up to send those emails to outlook. Currently i have 30GB worth of PST files while another employee who is attempting to do the same thing has over 100GB. With that amount of space from what I understand an IMAP email isnt an option as our gmail server only has 15 GBs worth of space, as We do not have an exchange server set up so that is not an option. I have been searching for what feels like forever for a solution so any opinions/help is appreciated.


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You can put the PST Files on mSD Card and point Outlook to that, or better yet look at migrating your GMAIL to Office 365 Small Business and get a business class setup....

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I use an E3 plan for my family personally...