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Excited about my new purchase


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I just hit the purchase button on my order a few minutes ago. I'm purchasing a SPro3. I did a lot of searching around the web to do my research. I now carry around an old Ipad 2 and a pretty powerful (but bulky) Dell XPS laptop for gaming. I do a lot of productivity stuff and studying so I think the surface will probably replace carrying them both most of the time. I will still need my XPS for some gaming if I'm traveling.

This site is what finally spurred me on to the ordering of the device. I'm looking forward getting to know everyone here. I'm hoping I made the right decision.



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Glad this forum helped you out already.
You're in for a big boost in the way the Surface Pro 3 works, free of charge, when Windows 10 is released in a couple of months.
Hello there and welcome. For productivity and studying your SP3 is almost without peer. Suspect you'll still need your XPS for gaming though; barring the likes of Hearthstone, the SP3 is not the worlds best 3D performer and will throttle down when the heat starts to build.

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