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I'd also like to see a list of games that work good on the SP3.

It seems like to me, anything in the app store will run just smoothly. It's just "uncomfortable" in tablet mode due to the heat, mitigated if you use the stand so your not actually touching the hot spots. (the i7 can get unbearably hot)

I've heard of Steam in-home streaming, but haven't tried it. I'm retiring all my other devices though, so I don't think that would work for me. You can hit up youtube, people have success playing all sorts of games on the SP3 once your blowing cool air on the back right (CPU location), I've seen Skyrim played, Battlefield, etc.

Like this guy (seems a bit extreme...but to each his own):

To me, the bummer is that I can't have the desktop application performance AND the casual game (no fan/no heat) experience in the same device.
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