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ext screen magnification


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old news and I know MSFT is aware that the SPRO doesn't play nicely with external monitors because of the text magnification problem.

on the Reddit AMA I think Panos said he sets it at 125% and it works for him. I tried this and it looks like crap.

anyone have better luck?

hopes for a software fix (i.e., different text magnification for different screens) in the near future? seems tricky to me since changing the setting requires a logout


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It might not be ideal but it doesn't seem like it should be that bad either. If you are hooking to external monitors it seems like you would only do that if it was going to be for some period of time so a logout shouldn't be a big deal. Maybe you are more mobile than that but I see it more like go to work in the morning hook to the monitors and change scale. Unhook at end of the day and change scale back to a larger size for tablet mode.

I guess if you are constantly hooking and unhooking it would be annoying but so is the coming and going itself at that point with anything short of an actual dock. In that case it might only be a matter of time as it has been hinted at that docks might be coming. Then you can have everything hooked to the dock and hopefully docking and undocking will take care of all the necessary changes automatically. I am sure a lot of people are looking forward to this sort of a solution ;)