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Extended Warranty (Microsoft Complete)


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I am considering buying the Microsoft Complete extended warranty while I'm still within the 45-day period, and was wondering what other's opinions are.

All suggestions are gratefully accepted.
I normally steer people away from ANY extended warranty, (even though I have been known to do one in the past). But the fact is that you are an early adopter and nobody knows at this point what the future holds, (from a reliability standpoint), or what Microsoft may or may not do if you have a problem down the road. So against my instincts I would suggest getting one.

What I'm saying is that there is no history with the hardware so better safe than sorry.
Got mine today. In my case it was the self inflicted option it ofers I travel alot and conditions some time are far from ideal.
I too am in the camp of suggesting you consider the extended service. Given some of the initial problems we've seen (touch covers breaking, surface magnet strips detaching etc) it might be wise to arm yourself with extended warranty!

I note many of the posters here are in the US, so, you'll just get one year service by default, for those of us in the EU, Microsoft still claim they'll offer only one year warranty - despite EU law entitling people to two years. If you plan to rely on this, make yourself aware of the limitations however, there's an interesting article here that explains more: Two-year warranty loophole (EU law) | This is Money

I went ahead and added the extended warranty. My thinking is if I have it I'll never need it. :LOL:

It isn't at all clear in the Microsoft Store how to purchase the plan unless you're bundling it with a Surface purchase, so I "chatted" with a customer service rep and she set me up.
Hmm that is a great question........I would say that if you have kids, travel a whole lot then yes go for it....But if you do minimal travel, school, home etc....Dont waste your money. I have bought plenty of warranties and i have literally used it once.......When my xbox 360 got the rings and i took it to bestbuy to switch it up lol.