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Screen cracked, Factory Reset with DP/ external Monitor


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My screen of my surface is corrupted. when i turn my surface on it shows only black, white, red, blue screen etc.
So i bought the DisplayPort --> HDMI Adapter to display everthing on my external Monitor.
Now i need to do a Factory Reset.
The Problem is that the Display Port turns on when Windows Loggin Screen ist coming up and not earlier.
So it's not possible to see anything to finish the Factory Reset.
Is there any possibility to enable the whole Boot Screen on DislplayPort?

Thanks a lot for Replies


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Let it boot with the monitor and USB Mouse and when finished drag out the charms and select "Settings" then down at the bottom, "change PC Settings"

Select "General" and then scroll down on the right side list until you see "Advanced Start up" and select "Restart now" Hopefully, you will then get the blue screen with some start up options. I say Hopefully" as the DisplayPort drivers are pretty crappy and may drop out at that point. Worth a try though.

Anyway, if you get the blue screen, select the middle option, from memory and then see if the following list has an option you need. Can't remember what they are, and can't go look as it will shut this down. :)