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Extremely slow laptop


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A wee bit help if possible. I have a Surface Laptop Studio, which up until about 6 weeks ago was working fine, then after an update, when the power is disconnected, runs like treacle.
Shutting down, connecting the power it runs normally almost every time (some time I have to restart 2-3 times)
It was returned to MSoft, and all they seem to have done is a hardware check (most probably with the power connected), all OK, so they sent it back.
A complete factory reset did not solve the issue.
All I can say is the SSD speed is ridiculously slow (see images, one is with power connected, other is disconnected)
Any clues? Performance is set to max for all settings.
What does Task Manager show for CPU and disk utilization? Does CrystalDiskInfo show the SSD reporting healthy?
Attached are screen shots of the required info:


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