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Factory Reset?


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Sorry this may seem a dumb Q to all you experts but I am experiencing a prob on setting up my new RT.

The Surface is in England and my daughter is setting it for me as I live in France (I will pick it up in a couple of weeks)

We went thro start up sequence but I need to set up new Microsoft account using my French email address but saying I wanted it set for English residency.

I was sent an email to confirm that this I owned the email address and stupidly pressed the wrong button ( yes to cancel) and can't seem undo that mistake.

I am only a short way the process I thought the easiest way was to do factory Reset. Will this let me start again and if so how do I do it?

Being SO dumb I may be back again with more Q's

The easiest way would be to hold down the shift key while selecting Restart form the power options. That will pop up a Factory Reset options for the device.
Thanks for help. That bit is now sorted and get my hands on it next week.

Sorry for delay in thanking but I've been ill