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Brand New Surface will not complete Start Up


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I live in the UK but recently purchased a new Surface from a Microsoft Store in USA. We started it up, and did all the usual updates etc.

At the moment I do not use the surface, just let it do its' updates, Nothing is installed yet. Yesterday I decided I wanted to add my personal Microsoft Account, but varying methods found online did not work, so last night I decided to restore to factory settings.

This morning the straight from the box setup sequence started, I turned Cortana off, connected to Wi Fi and decided to go online to get a couple of Apps I use.

But I cannot find anyway of getting online! Edge flashes onscreen then goes off, there is no trace of any browser in apps, or anywhere on the machine. Thought I was an idiot, and perhaps I need to concentrate harder. However, several friends and family have been outwitted to, so again decided to go back and re-format again, except that along with anything else, settings will not open. I can connect to the Windows Store, but can't see Edge anywhere, and if it is one my surface it is doing a good job of hiding, because none of us can find it.

Basically I now have this very expensive ornament on my desk, that I can do nothing with.

Any kind of help would be appreciated


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I'm curious what you see in device manager? Are there a bunch of unknown devices? In particular the Network adapter is there and looks ok?

How exactly did you reformat and reinstall?

I think I would download a Recovery Image from Microsoft, put it on USB (must be formatted Fat32, extract the download to a disk folder, select all copy&Paste to the root of the USB) then boot from it (with USB inserted, hold volume down button, press power on, it should boot the USB if not there's something wrong). Restore the Factory Image thereby eliminating any previous "bad stuff". You can delete all partitions from the disk once booted to the USB and let it restore to the blank disk.
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Thank you, I have tried to download the Recovery Image from Microsoft but I get stopped in my tracks by not having a bit locker key? which is the page microsoft sent me to?

With regard to Device Manager I cannot get to control panel to open anything, hit settings, screen flashes then back to beginning again. Nothing is working once I sign in, pressing anything just flashes the screen once. Start works in order to restart surface, but thats all that works on this very expensive piece of junk. I live miles from any Microsoft store, in fact on an island not connected to the mainland, so taking it there would be extremely expensive, with no recompense from Microsoft. I would expect issues like this on an older machine, but a brand new all singing and dancing Surface!!