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Fan Issue


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I have the Microsoft Surface pro 3 with the i5, I bought this tablet thinking it will be great because it does what ever a pc can do but quiet and portable, but it is not not quiet at all. The fan keeps coming on full blast even when its not doing anything. From my disappointment , I checked the task manager. The task manger showed that some of the back ground programs was pushing the cpu memory really hard. After disabling most of the programs i thought great now this is fixed. The next day the fan kept ramping up and over heating still... The main reason i want it quiet is because i wanna use it with my high end audio system. So while i was playing some music i decided to check how much performance my high end music would take to play. I was using around 3% of the cpu power and 35% of the memory. So y is it still overheating when i am not doing anything heavy on it ?